Qantas and Alitalia end Frequent Flyer partnership

Via Ausbt, Qantas and Alitalia will end their frequent flyer partnership by March 31st, meaning that Qantas Frequent Frequent Flyers and Alitalia Milemiglia members will no longer earn points on each other’s flights.

So what are you missing out on??

In essence, you aren’t missing out on much; for flights within Italy, Qantas Frequent Flyers generally earn very little points for AZ flights. For example, a person flying between Rome and Milan would earn 200 QFF points in the lowest fare bracket irrespective of their Frequent Flyer tier, for a business class flight it would be only marginally better at 500 QFF points; though some points are better than none I guess.

On international flights too, flying with AZ didn’t earn you many points either. Take Milan to New York for example, where QFF members could earn points with 4 airlines being…

  • Alitalia (AZ)
  • American Airlines (AA)
  • British Airways (BA)
  • Emirates (EK)

Of these four airlines, the amount of points and status credits one could earn on an economy fare with QFF bronze status were…

  • Alitalia | 2100 | 0
  • American Airlines | 2100 | 30
  • British Airways | 1050 | 30
  • Emirates | 2100 | 0

As you can see, all airlines apart from British Airways offer the same amount of points for a standard economy fare, BUT….. On American Airlines and British Airways, you can earn more points on the same fare type if you hold a higher status as these two airlines are members of the Oneworld Alliance to which Qantas is also.

Though one will now miss out on points when flying within Italy, overall this isn’t so big a loss for Qantas Frequent Flyers. It’d be interesting to know the motive behind this ending though; Ethiad has a large stake in Alitalia and didn’t want Qantas in the loop, or maybe Qantas didn’t see it necessary to have Alitalia as a partner as most of AZ’s international flights are also operated by other Oneworld carriers.



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