Qantas to end ‘Frequent Flyer Toolbar’

A seldom known way to earn 150 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points per month is coming to an end as of August 31st 2016.

The Qantas ‘Frequent Flyer Toolbar’ which is capatable with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer acted as a bing search engine allowing frequent flyers to earn 1 point per search up to a maximum of 150 points per month. Though this process nets you a relatively little amount of points it is an inexpensive way to earn 1800 points per year for relatively no effort.


Qantas Frequent Flyer Toolbar

If you fancy tying it out for a month, it is still available for download through the Qantas website (

Or, if you prefer to uninstall the program, follow this link,


Photo.Story 3

Story 3: Auckland Harbour


Photo.Story 3, Auckland Harbour.

Camera: Olympus Pen
Time: 11:33am
Place: Queen’s Wharf, Auckland
Story: –

Just a quick trip over the Tasman Sea to Auckland. Departing Queen’s Wharf on a cloudless (bar one!) day, bound for a yummy lunch in Devonport.

Photo.Story 2

Story 2: Beach Day, Manly Cove.

TBIBC, Manly Cove, Sydney

Photo.Story 2 – Beach Day, Manly Cove.

Camera: Olympus Pen
Time: 16:20
Place: Manly Cove
Story: –

A nice way to end the day, looking out on to the calm waters of Sydney Harbour on a sweltering summer’s afternoon, with a ferry stationary at Manly Wharf. The blue blue water and the few and far between clouds offer a reprieve from the harsh summer sun.

Photo.Story 1

Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be an ongoing series. The aim of these posts is to tell the story behind the photo, when, where, how and the meaning behind the imagery.

Story 1: Sydney Harbour Sunset:

TBIBC. Sydney Harbour Sunset, Sunset

Photo.Story 1 – Sydney Harbour Sunset

Camera: iPhone 6+
Time: ~18:30
Place: Manly Ferry, Sydney Harbour
Story: –

A great way to end the working week aboard the Manly Ferry from Circular Quay. The beautiful afternoon sun glistening through the clouds and Sydney city silouette; the reflection off the calm waters of Sydney Harbour add to the aweish ambiance of the slow chugging ferry. This is by far the best sunset I’ve seen from aboard the ferry, every moment passing, every second, as we inched further away and the city became a spec of its great self left an elegent sunset in it’s wake.